Christopher Grant
UX Designer, Teacher & Speaker

Delivering The Experiences That Deliver Customers

I've led design teams in the US and Europe for over a decade. For the past 3 years, I’ve specialized in managing key, strategic product design-centric projects at innovative companies like Tuenti and Emagister.

Whether I'm improving "onboarding" for new customers or designing a new kind of social network based on what not who you know , I use my experience in UX and my passion for user psychology to deliver real, measurable results.

  • We help each other online because we have needs that go beyond our basic self-interest. Something noble and necessary that may not touch everyone, but touches enough of us to make a difference. I call this digital altruism.

  • UX Fighters 2014
    Featured Speaker
    From User Experience
    to Customer Experience

  • UX Spain 2013
    Featured Speaker
    “Who's the
    product owner?!”

  • Barcelona Design Week
    Headline Speaker
    "Social done simple:
    Tuenti’s mobile first

  • Smash Tech
    Mobile Technology
    Featured Speaker
    “Mobile UX & Growth:
    Challenges & Opportunities”

  • Polytechnic University
    of Catalonia
    Keynote Speaker
    "Adventures in
    design-driven innovation"

  • Lean UX Summit
    Keynote Speaker
    "Getting Leaner
    at Tuenti"
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